The Benefits of Organic Spices

It seems that the entire world is all about organic things these days; organic food, organic clothes, organic and sustainable gardening and everything else. However, one thing that most people don’t think about is organic spices.

Spices such as oregano or cumin are often looked over during the organic craze, and while they not only add to the taste of bland dishes or give that extra kick to a fine meal they also provide a lot of health benefits. They are free from pesticides, GMO’s, and harmful fertilizer, and as such carry some of the same benefits of non-GMO food.

A stronger defense system.

Strong organic spices have higher nutrients and taste better, and also can aid the immune system. Without antibiotics that are mostly found in plant fertilizer or other pesticides, our body’s natural defenses become stronger. The dangers of overconsumption of antibiotics has been well known in the medical industry, and now that danger can find its way into our food.

Antibiotics cause our body to adapt and eventually become solely dependent on antibiotics for survival, and even when organic food is eaten, inorganic spices can cause some serious problems for health.

organic spices

Herbal medicine

Other organic spices can be used for medicinal benefits and can be smelled, drunk as a tea, or eaten to ensure that diseases can be cured or prevented. Certain symptoms of good health can also be strengthened using these spices. Such as strengthening the bones, heart, and blood.

So the next time the organic food craze sounds like something that can enhance the body’s health and well-being, ensure that the spices that garnish that organic food are just as healthy as what they are being put on.

The body, the palate, and the health will all be saying thanks for that decision!